RoboChallenge News: Crown Lane

Here is an update from the Crown Lane IBM RoboChallenge Team. It sounds like they are off to a good start:

We started off our work on programming by having to build our new Lego robots, which took ages!  Then, yesterday, we had a list of 4 tasks to work through with the Lego NXT robots and we shared some with the class at the end of the lesson.  One of our challenges was to make a figure of 8. The programme for this involved going forward, then turning right 6 rotations, going forward, then turning left 6 rotations and using the repeat command.  We also used the Lego NXT robots to make different shapes, for example a triangle, and writing different letters, like an H or an O. It was tricky to make the robots dance, but we figured it out – and practice makes perfect! Through experimenting, we managed to make the robots sense when there was a wall and turn around. What really helped was the amount of teamwork, as well as help from our teachers and Pip and Sian from IBM.
From Year 6, Crown Lane Primary School

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