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It’s been a great couple of weeks for Lambeth  CLC.  Not only have we all spent time at BETT reflecting, learning and browsing but last Thursday we heard that we’d been shortlisted for a NAACE award for our support services to schools.  We are delighted and are now working hard on collating evidence for the final judging.  Many thanks to all of you who have sent on their congratulations.

We’ve also been encouraged by Gove’s announcement last week affirming the importance of new technologies within the curriculum.  This comes with tinge of anxiety about the disapplication of the National Curriculum Porgramme of Study for ICT in September, but enthusiasm for schools to have more freedoms to shape the curriculum. We will continue to work hard to ensure that senior leaders and teachers feel confident to deliver an inspiring technology rich curriculum which gives children and young people a broad range of skills and knowledge. From programming and computing to film production and perhaps even, dare we mention, the occasional bit of Excel young people should understand and appreciate the depth and breadth of the subject and the potential for new technologies in all aspects of learning.

And finally, with programming being flavour of the moment, it is timely that this week has seen the start of our 5th Robo Challenge in partnership with IBM. Over the next few weeks 10 schools will be working with the CLC team and IBM mentors to get to grips with all things Lego NXT.  The final showdown will take place at IBM HQ at the end of March when the teams come together to take part in a series of challenges including Robo racing, programming under pressure and the competition favourite, strictly Robo dancing.  Check the film from last year’s event.

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