Research & Development: Aviary Pop Art at St Helens

The Project

As part of a research and development project, St Helens R.C. Primary School used Aviary to create their own Pop Art.

A Lambeth CLC Tutor worked alongside Mayla Hardaker, ICT Co-ordinator at St Helens, to show a year 5 class how they could transform photos of school staff members into Warhol inspired works of modern art.

About Aviary

is a collection of online creative applications. It is free and schools can set up class accounts to manage their work. Aviary represents a fantastic opportunity for schools to explore digital media creation for free.

The Aviary suite includes an image editor (a bit like Adobe Photoshop), a sound editor (like Audacity), a music creator (like Garageband or Cubase) a vector image editor (like Adobe Illustrator) and simple drawing tool (not unlike MS Paint).

Feedback from St Helens

Here is a summary of St Helen’s thoughts on using Aviary for image creation:


  • Aviary is an excellent bridge between primary level imaging software and Photoshop.
  • The interface is simple but uses similar icons to Photoshop without all the extras. You can still use and manipulate layers and it has enough functionality to be challenging, but still fun.
  • Children also found the software intuitive. They all have experience of using Dazzle and were able to link some of the icons and easily use the menus.
  • It is easy to upload photos, again a process the children found easy having used Fronter.
  • It is easy to export work so that it can be used in other programs.

Areas for development:

  • There are some bugs in the program that can make it frustrating. It also has a habit of getting locked into a tool which sometimes means you have to start over – save regularly!
  • You need to remember to leave a tool before switching layers which the children found hard.

If you want to find out more about using Aviary at your school please contact Lambeth CLC for more advice.

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