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ScratchMaths: a great resource for improving mathematical thinking through programming

  This autumn UCL released their full curriculum of year 5-6 teaching materials which use Scratch to teach maths. It’s called ScratchMaths, and we think it’s brilliant.   At London CLC we’ve been teaching with Scratch for many years and in that time have taken inspiration from a wide range of different lesson plans and […]

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Understanding terms and conditions

  The terms and conditions we agree to when signing up for apps are often thousands of words long, and contain complex legal language that would have the majority of adults scratching their heads. As children and teenagers grow up in this digital world it’s our responsibility as adults and educators to help ensure they […]

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Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation

  Next May a new General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect, changing the way that schools need to approach their use of parent and pupil data. Is your school ready for the change?    There’s lots to consider, but take a step back before you get bogged down in the detail and think […]

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