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Family Learning puts parents and children on an equal footing

Computing skills can often feel like the biggest gulf between parents and children, with the younger generation often being the ones teaching their elders, and parents feeling distant from a huge part of their children’s lives. This is where we come in. CLC Family Learning provides a place where learners can not only improve their digital […]

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Book Creator online coming soon

Book Creator is probably one of the best apps I’ve used. I’ve returned to it time again whether creating rhyming books or recording science investigations. It’s a versatile tool, that allows for easy content creation across all curriculum areas and age groups.        Once complete, a digital notebook can be exported to iBooks, […]

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My work placement at London CLC

If I ever had any doubts over game based learning, a week at the London Connected Learning Centre has ensured there is none left. This week has taken me on a journey; whilst also learning for myself, I have supported children’s learning through the use of creative programming and design tools such as Scratch, Minecraft […]

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