London CLC and South London Raspberry Jam’s Family Hack Day

On Wednesday 27th July we were thrilled to host a Autism and Tourette’s Syndrome friendly Hack day with South London Families, working with South London Raspberry Jam.

The day kicked of with a chance for the children to explore a range of technology and activities including virtual reality headsets, Web Design and Makey Makey electronics.

Next up families had a choice of two workshops both involving the BBC Micro:bit; they could either have fun programming Kodu games controlled by the device, or they could use it to create some electronic music by hacking into a speaker.

After a quick lunch in the park the families came back together for another workshop. This time Grace from South London Raspberry Jam showed them how to build Crumble robots to program them to follow a line of tape. It was lovely to see parents and children sharing their skills and working together to achieve something they could all feel proud of.

The last activity gave the families a chance to collaborate as a group in a virtual world. They used a multiplayer Minecraft server to create buildings within their very own city. After this we came together for a final discussion about what everyone had learnt and enjoyed, and to watch a film capturing the day’s activities. Why not take a look!


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