CLC Summer Film Competition

Calling all budding film makers!

The CLC are looking for young film makers to submit short films or animations to be showcased on our popular Vimeo Channel. We are looking for films about anything and everything – so get your imagination flowing and get creating.

The Rules

  1. Films must be between 20 seconds and 4 minutes long.
  2. They must be made by someone under 16 (help is allowed!)
  3.  They must be family friendly!


For inspiration have a look at the CLC’s extensive collection of films made by young people over the past 10 years.

REMEMBER you do not need a video camera! Smart phones, iPads and some still cameras make excellent films.

If you or any of your friends appear in the film we will need your parent or carers permission to put them online.

The iCanAnimate app & iMovie  might help.

Email: to submit a film or for help.



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