Music, Movies and Microscopes

Pupil Workshops

The week kicked off with html coding, creating websites, and learning that we can’t trust everything we read on the internet! On Tuesday, Blossom’s Year 2 class from Kings Avenue took a closer look at the patterns found in nature using microscopes, and Rowan oversaw some smashing computer games created on Scratch Jr.

Musical Microbit

This week saw the first workshops using the brand new BBC Microbits. Inspired by Prof Danielle George’s Royal Institution Christmas lecture, children from Rosendale and Bonneville created their very own robot orchestras. We had guitars, pianos and even the newly invented ‘saxophone-banana-shoe’. Thanks to @DrChips_ for coming down from Manchester to jam with us.



Portrait of the Artist as a Secondary School Student

On Monday, Kim and Blossom went off to City Heights Academy as part of our ongoing project with the National Portrait Gallery. The students explored portrait and identity with some very colourful results, experimenting with different media to create self-portraits for an exhibition this summer.



Robo Challenge

This weekend, the IBM Robo Challenge rolls into town. On Saturday, the South Bank will be overrun by robots solving mazes, modelling outfits and busting some moves. Good luck to all of the teams in the competition and we look forward to donning our snazzy new t-shirts.

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