Welcome to 2016

Happy New Year to all our friends and followers!

I hope that the holidays gave you ample opportunity for rest and recuperation!


After two weeks on our sofas the CLC team leaped back into action this Monday with INSETs galore. Rowan and Sarah were at Wandsworth Referral Unit getting the staff to grips with  iPads and looking at ways to incorporate them across the curriculum. IPads were also the focus at Bonneville this time being used to create the magic of green screen – an easy solution to get your class travelling across the globe, into space or under the sea!

Meanwhile at Rosendale Julia, Joe and team tech were live streaming the most appealing looking training yet – the Rosendale staff Great British Bake Off.  If you missed it you can catch up now on Youtube.

Animation and Probots

Tuesday and Wednesday saw the teaching team jump straight back into the deep end as very brave teachers =from Streatham Wells and Rosendale braved the cold and rain with their pupils to create some fabulous animations based on their evolution topic and work on their maths and programming skills using Probots.

Team Time

We were thrilled to welcome Kathy Lowers, Doug Belshaw and Bryan Mathers to our team day on Wednesday. Kathy worked with the tech team, pinning down our customer service values and planning the year ahead. While Doug and Brian worked with the curriculum and Family Learning teams to write an adult ICT framework ahead of our new family courses which begin later this year. Thanks so much to all – a very inspirational and productive day.

Coming up…

Book now for our award-winning hands on CPD training sessions. We have Introduction to Scratch and Kodu on 14th Jan, New to Subject Leadership in Computing on 20th Jan, SRF and ICT Mark on 28th Jan and E-Safety: Working with Parents on 28th Jan.

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