Blogging tips

Keeping your class or school blog updated can sometimes seem an onerous task.  Here are the CLC’s top 3 tips for keeping on top of the posts and creating some really exciting content for your WordPress site.

Post to your blog via email

The quickest way to update your blog is to email your updates directly into your site. Each wordpress site generates its own email address  Save the email to your contacts and post on the go.  Place the title of your post in the subject line and attach any photos you might have (simply as a regular attachment).  Press send and  it will automatically update as a post in your blog. This is a really great way to post to your site  but a word of warning – keep the email details safe as it is a direct line into the public facing part of your blog.

Use Audioboo

Audioboo  is a FREE audio posting site which links automatically to wordpress. You can record a short broadcast and send it straight to your blog.  You can record interviews, class performances, children’s storytelling etc.  You will need to create an audioboo page and link this to your wordpress site in settings.  See

Download the Audioboo app onto your tablet or phone (android or mac) and link that to your account and then you can record with no need of editing (just delete and try again if it goes wrong).  You can add a title and a bit of text and then press upload. It will appear in audioboo and on wordpress simultaneously.

Use Vine

Vine allows you to share short looping videos.  You will need to create an account on Vine which is simple to do and again, if you want to film on the go, download the app too. WordPress provides some useful advice on embedding vine videos into your blog.


If you need to create some quick content and want to have a media rich site then Audioboo and Vine are the tools for you.  Our recent live blogging project with pupils from Henry Cavendish made use of both pieces of software.  Check out the children’s site to see how we used them


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